Informations about the Navigation in the Photo Gallery

In our Photo Gallery can be seen 518 pictures at present. These are subdivided in 26 categories.

Through click on one of the left buttons, the respective category overview opens with small preview pictures (140 x 200 pixels).

Through click on these preview pictures, the picture opens in a bigger variation (330 x 480 pixels).

Through click on the big pictures, you come back into the category overview again.

If you stay a short time with the mouse pointer on a preview picture, the caption will be displayed. At the big pictures, the caption will be displayed under it in each case.

All pictures of the gallery are available as posters up to the size of 40 x 60 cm (16" x 24").

Important note: The German version of this website contains regularly updated "Photos of the month" and more or more recent photos in the photo gallery.