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Gisela DelphoManfred DelphoFrom enjoying nature, and seeing it consciously, it was a small step to the desire to maintain its variety and to photograph it. For many years, we have tried to capture the beauty of nature in pictures: splendid landscapes, fascinating animals and plants, hidden worlds. However, the photos should do more than just document variety and beauty. Our concern it to make the fasciantion of nature accessible to the observer. To awaken enthusiasm and astonishment and to convince him to protect and maintain the “Miracle of Nature”. Its destruction progresses from day to day. In our populous industrial country, landscapes are covered with concrete, and plants and animals are ousted from their natural habitats. In many places, human beings have had an extremely negative effect on cultivated areas, and we are frequently confronted by examples of overexploitation. We have not failed to document and publicize this continual violence against nature (a small selection of this work is in the gallery “The World In Our Hands”). The pictures in the remaining categories, however, should open everyone's eyes to the values that are necessary to protect nature from destruction. We can only hope that we will succeed in doing so.

Our photo offer:
Everything in the nature: Birds, Mammals, Insects, Reptiles and Amphibians, Plants, Landscapes and Mood
Furthermore: Nature destruction, nature conservation work and usefulness animal stand

Photo-Text report:
Travel reports over the native nature


Illustrated book “Der Urwald Sababurg”
Wartberg Verlag, Gudensberg
Illustrated book

Illustrated book “Unterwegs mit dem Naturfotografen”
Wartberg Verlag, Gudensberg
Illustrated book

Illustrated book “Im Reich der urigen Buchen”
“In the kingdom of quaint beeches”
NP Kellerwald-Edersee, Cognitio Verlag
Illustrated book


Illustrated books “Naturerlebnis Nordhessen”
(“Nature experience North Hesse”)
Wartberg Verlag, Gudensberg
Illustrated book Edition II


Regular publications in magazines, journals and books
The Great Crested Grebe Namibian Wild Horses Lynx Brown Hare


Postcard books Spring Sommer Winter
In field and garden Birds Wild flowers The tree


as well as Calendars a.o.
Namibia 2006


Slideshow to following subjects:

Namibia NP Kellerwald-Edersee

Norway Alaska Rocky Mountains

as well as “Nature in the course of the year”


Our report offer


Deer rut with pep – Wapitis in the Yellowstone National Park, USA
Where the earth empties steam – The Yellowstone National Park, USA
Middles into the heart of the Rocky Mountains – Grand Teton National Park, USA
In the valley of the eagles – Bald Eagles in Alaska, USA
Icy wilderness – Alaska, USA
Where the bear fishes – Katmai National Park, Alaska, USA
In the upbringing of the seabirds – The famous bird island Runde, Norway
In the light of the north – North Norway of the Lofoten to Kirkenes
Fjord and Fjell in the west – West Norway
Between heat and drought – The wild horses of the Namib
Outjikandero – “The Place with much Milk”, Himba in Namibia

Native Nature:

At the hatchery of the Great Crested Grebe (Bird of the Year 2001 in Germany)
Noiseless night hunter – The Barn Owl
Picked up and tapped – Great Spotted Woodpecker at the woodpecker smithy
A royal Fisher – The Kingfisher
If the stork comes – White Stork in Rühstädt (Germany's stork village No. 1)
The miracle of the change – The metamorphosis of the butterfly
Birds of the luck – The crane migration
In field and garden – Animals in the winter
That with the hands scratches – A Raccoon story
A tunnel builder – The Mole
The first spring messengers – From Wild Ginger, Spring Snowflake, Wood Anemone a. o.
Songbird at diving station – The Dipper
Snow White's fairy-tale forest – The National Park Kellerwald-Edersee
and many others